Compare microbial communities in extremely well-defined conditions

About the Parallel Cultivation Platform

The Parallel Cultivation Platform consists of multiple bioreactor units. Its flexible arrangement allows for cultivation and investigation of most chemotrophic and phototrophic microbial communities in extremely well-defined conditions

Delft University of Technology
chemotrophic, phototrophic, redox conditions

Freqently asked questions

This platform is specifically suitable for investigating the impact of dynamic process conditions on the functional and molecular development of microbial communities. In fact, dynamic process conditions are typical for many natural and man-made ecosystems, such as day-night cycles, seasonal variations and variable substrate supply rates. However, to date, they remain largely unexplored in microbial ecology.

The flexible arrangement of analytical equipment enables the investigation of virtually all redox conditions of interest in microbial ecology, ranging from aerobic to strictly anaerobic conditions. Please see the figure and technical details below for a schematic overview of a potential experimental set-up.

The platform consists of 40 temperature-controlled stirred bioreactor units that can be operated at 0.5 to 2.0 liter liquid volume. These bioreactors are equipped with an extensive set of on- and off-line analytical facilities. Further, we distuinguish a standard and an intensive experimental set-up. Please consult the technical details below for more info.


For more detailed information, view the key specifications of this platform below.