An open infrastructure for exploring new horizons for research on microbial communities


Illustration of Biodiscovery Platform of UNLOCK, to explore microbial communities. By Haans Design

Biodiscovery Platform

Isolate, investigate and discover yet unknown microbes and communities in a high-throughput way.

Illustration of the Modular Bioreactor Platform of UNLOCK, to mix and match microbial communities. By Haans Design

Modular Bioreactor Platform

Mix and match different bioreactors to investigate sustainable microbiological solutions for environmental challenges.

Illustration of Parallel Cultivation Platform of UNLOCK, to compare microbial communities. By Haans Design

Parallel Cultivation Platform

Cultivate and investigate a wide array of microbial communities in extremely well-defined conditions.

Illustration of the FAIR Data Platform of UNLOCK, to store and analyze data on microbial communities. By Haans Design.

FAIR Data Platform

Make sure your data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (= FAIR) in collection, storage and analysis.



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