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UNLOCK is composed of four complementary research platforms. Click on the platform title to explore.

Biodiscovery Platform Modular Bioreactor Platform Parallel Cultivation Platform FAIR Data Platform

Biodiscovery Platform

Illustration of the Biodiscovery Platform. Illustrated by Haans Design.

The Biodiscovery Platform allows researchers to discover, grow and investigate yet unknown microbes, at a large scale. These microbes can be used to build new microbial communities. This platform is specifically aimed to grow microorganisms that can survive in the absence of oxygen.

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Modular Bioreactor Platform

Illustration of the Modular Bioreactor Platform. Illustrated by Haans Design.

The Modular Bioreactor Platform allows researchers to mix and match different “bioreactors”. By making the right combinations of reactors, different environmental challenges can be solved. For instance, the platform can be used to clean polluted wastewaters, generate sustainable energy, and retrieve resources from waste streams.

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Parallel Cultivation Platform

Some microbes like it cold, others like it hot. The Parallel Cultivation Platform consists of multiple bioreactors, in which conditions can be tailored to the microbes’ preference. The platform allows adjustment of conditions, such as temperature, pH, pressure and oxygen level. The platform allows researchers to study the impact of changes in these conditions on the behaviour of microbes.

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FAIR Data Platform

Experiments generate a lot of data, which needs to be collected, stored and analyzed. The FAIR Data Platform allows researchers to store their data in such a way that it’s easy to Find and Access. Moreover, the whole process should be clear and understandable (Interoperable) to other researchers, who would like to Reuse the data for other purposes. The platform also offers the newest tools to draw the right conclusions from the data.

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