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What is UNLOCKtober

During the whole month of October, we unlock the potential of microbes. Every day, we share something related to microbes: from funny facts to hard core science. This includes resources from our own, but also other researchers or microbe-enthusiasts. Are you joining us?

By the UNLOCK team / October 1, 2022 


Technical difficulty

In 2022, we launch “UNLOCKtober”*, a full month to unlock the potential of microbes. Through our online calendar, you can navigate to the current day and unlock a new link to, for instance:

  • a blog post on microbes (“Science”)
  • a home experiment (“DIY”)
  • a microbial quiz (“Fun”)
  • our own resources (UNLOCK) 

Did you miss a day? No worries, previous days and links will be accessible at least through the whole month of October. 

Also on Twitter

Next to the webpage, each resource is also shared via our Twitteraccount @UnlockMicrobes. Do not hesitate to share resources with your colleagues, friends or family to fully unlock the potential of microbes. You can use the hashtag #UNLOCKtober in all your social media channels.

*As we discovered recently, the term “unlocktober” has been coined previously in the game scene, to unlock opportunities and enabling play for people with disabilities. 

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