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During the whole month of October, we unlock the potential of microbes. Every day, we share something related to microbes: from funny facts to hard core science. This includes resources from our own, but also other researchers or microbe-enthusiasts. Click the tiles below to unlock a new day. 

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What is UNLOCKtober?

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In a nutshell

Learn about the human microbiome

Make your own…


It’s World Animal Day

Take the quiz on animal microbiomes


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Gutsy the game

A game about the microbes that make you… you!

Let’s talk about poop

Join the #bluepoopchallenge

Microbes are everywhere

Watch the video created by Microbiome Support


… the facilities of UNLOCK

Have you met Giant Microbes?

A million times actual size!

Need a break?

Start colouring bacteria!

The big 20

20 microbes everyone should have heard about

Team play is key

Have you read our blog series on microbial team play?


Join #microber and draw a community!

Homemade Petri Dish

Grow bacteria at home

Joyful Microbe

Learn about the microbial world

Key players

Have you met our key players?

Meet the Amoeba Sisters

by watching their videos, GIFs and comics

Find out

which microbe you are

From other scientists:

The Paired Omics Data Platform

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Journey to the Microcosmos

Watch the most wonderful microbial creatures

Visit Micropia

… And discover the invisible life

What is a microbe?

Why “microbe” is difficult to define.


Have you seen our animation?

Visit Bacterial Park

A unique zoo to bring the world closer to the youngest

Winogradsky column

Make your own microzoo!

See also day 28.

New blogpost

How colleagues made their own Winogradsky column. See Day 31 for the timelapse.


Breaking down the microbiology world one bite at a time

Puzzle time!

Complete the platforms.

Closing off…

with a timelapse of our Winogradsky column (See also day 28 & 29)!