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UNLOCK celebrates World Microbiome Day

Today is World Microbiome Day 2021 – a special day to celebrate all microbes around the world. It’s also the day on which we officially UNLOCK our new website. Please have a look around and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

By the UNLOCK team / June 27, 2021


Microbes, such as bacteria, archaea, fungi and other microeukaryotes, can be found everywhere in and on plants, animals, water, soil, food and humans. At all these places, microbes are part of a bigger entity, called the microbiome. (Note: Viruses and phages are not considered living microorganisms, but are part of the microbiome). Microbiomes have a major impact on the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment – that’s why researchers aim to unravel how these microbes coexist and co-operate. Evidently, this is also what UNLOCK is aiming at.

About World Microbiome Day

World Microbiome Day is meant to “introduce international microbiome researchers to the public to raise awareness of the vibrant and diverse world of microbes and invite the public and industry professionals to share their thoughts and activities with the microbiome community.” (Source: Official website of World Microbiome Day). This year’s theme is Sustainability, with a focus on how microbes can contribute to a sustainable future. There are different ways in which microbes can contribute to a more sustainable future. For instance, within UNLOCK, the Modular Bioreactor Platform is suitable for investigating sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, but there are plenty of more examples. If you want to learn more about the sustainable impact of microbes, have a look at the website of WMD.

Banner of World Microbiome Day 2021.

About the UNLOCK website

We chose to officially launch our website on World Microbiome Day as we too, believe in the power of microbiomes. Have a look at the Home and Explore page, to get a general impression on what UNLOCK is about. You can also watch the animation below. Curious about the UNLOCK-team? Visit our teampage. News updates, blogs and publications can be found on the News & Views. More content is coming soon!

We hope our website will provide a platform for researchers (interested in) in the field of microbial communities, but also people generally interested in the world of microbes. Together, let’s UNLOCK microbial potential!

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